Thursday, July 20, 2006

The slippery slope

I was delighted to get a comment from my N.C. State creative-writing classmate Trish Shore, whom I've been out of touch with for -- Gosh! Ten years? In the meantime, she has acquired a husband, three children and a minivan. Of that Honda Odyssey, a recent acquisition, she writes July 9 on her blog:
I couldn't help but think of what's gotten me to this point, to being completely and totally kicked out of Coolville. Honestly, it all started with this liking boys thing. Then came the dating boys thing, the getting engaged to boys thing, and then, the marrying boys thing. Then, and this combination has only happened with one particular boy: the marrying and reproducing thing. Oh, man. Let's face it: Love, lust, and liquor lead to a Honda Odyssey.

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