Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Lefty Grove website

After reading my post about the great pitcher Lefty Grove, Bruce Pringle kindly sent a link to his informative Lefty Grove tribute site, which I recommend to all.

Bruce says that when he was about 11 years old, he saw the great man himself, standing outside his Lonaconing, Md., bowling alley. Bruce, where was that bowling alley? Is it still around?

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Bruce Pringle said...

Brad Green, who grew up in Lonaconing, supplied this info regarding the location of Grove's bowling alley: "Lefty's Place was on Union Street. Union Street intersects Main Street at the Brady Hotel, on the Valley High School end of Main Street." Brad went on to explain that the building was destroyed by a flood in 1996.

But Brad's website contains a photo of Lefty’s Place. Scroll down to the fifth image on this link:

The photo certainly captures the place as I remember it.

I'm sure just about anyone curious about Lefty Grove and Lonaconing would get a kick out of Brad's site.