Saturday, January 19, 2008

Define "fake"

I am as amused as anyone by Stephen Colbert's latest stunt -- talking the National Portrait Gallery into temporarily hanging his portrait, over the water fountain between the bathrooms -- but after reading the lead of this Associated Press article, I wonder: In what sense is Colbert a "fake TV pundit"? Put another way: Are any TV pundits less fake than Colbert? Or are the others more fake, because they expect to be taken seriously, even if their shtick is as fact-free as Colbert's?

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Richard Parks said...

I look at it similar to the "The Daily Show" and "Fox News" dichotomy. "The Daily Show" is an unashamedly phoney news show. "Fox News" CLAIMS to be a real one. Yet studies have shown that the average "The Daily Show" viewer is much better and more accurately informed than the average viewer of Fox News.