Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Payseur & Schmidt & O'Connor

My hero Brett Cox reports that Payseur & Schmidt, publisher of fine, beautifully designed books such as John Clute's The Darkening Garden and Nicola Griffith's And Now We Are Going To Have a Party, has accepted his proposal for a reprint collection of four stories inspired by the life and work of Flannery O'Connor:

  • "The Road Leads Back" by Michael Bishop, first published in After O'Connor: Stories from Contemporary Georgia (University of Georgia Press, 2003).
  • "Every Angel Is Terrifying" by John Kessel, first published in Fantasy & Science Fiction (October/November 1998).
  • "Flannery on Stage" by F. Brett Cox, first published in Indigenous Fiction (June 2001).
  • "Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse" by Andy Duncan, first published in Eclipse One (Night Shade Books, 2007).

    Publication date, details of the book package, etc., are TBA.

    Ted said...

    What about "Put Your Hands Together," the O'Connor pastiche written by George Alec Effinger under the pseudonym "O. Niemand"?

    Oz said...

    Wow. How very nice to hear that!


    TN-Tanuki said...

    This is very exciting news! I really enjoyed "Unique Chicken" as well as the Kessel, so I think Payseur & Schmidt have my money.


    Jonathan said...

    Great news! I loved 'Unique Chicken...' and am delighted to see it being reprinted.