Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Why Superman Will Always Suck"

Anthony Burch marshals the arguments at the Bam!Kapow! website.

Mark Hughes Cobb begs to differ: "Supes' vulnerability is in his LEARNED humanity. He could have stayed the cold, aloof Kryptonian, but he chose to make himself a target by caring for humanity."

Thanks to David Lowe for passing this along.

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Frankie Addiego said...

Burch, like all Superman-haters, is a hollow moron who doesn't know what he's talking about. Superman-haters always have weak, overplayed arguments, but Burch just makes stuff up like Superman only helps the rich (apparently he's never read any of the golden age stories) or wants all minor offenders to go to prison forever or some bull$h¡t.

What a fruitcake. I'd love to debate him in front of a live audience. Easiest fight I'd ever have. The guy is fucking stuuuuupid.