Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Magic for Beginners: 21st-Century Fantasy, Spring 2008

Here I am with the students in my spring 2008 seminar in the University of Alabama's Honors College. Left to right: Erica Mihelin, Casey Sloan, Crystal Ellis, Susan De Leon (in cap), me, Renee Rivas (in Beijing Lantern Festival T-shirt), Courtney Watts, Jessica Trevino (in orange), Kalen Berry (in back), Amy Jensen, Janessa Hogans (in back), Laura Bass (in front, with hands on knees), Ellie Killian, Laurie Skelton and Jessie Foster.


Shuler Burton said...

Look like a good group. I know you had fun. Done any caricatures recently.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, Andy! Looks more like Valhalla to an old man like me!


Bruce Chrumka
Calgary, Canada

Anonymous said...

Why do so many of them look like they need to pee?