Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Everyone's talking about Little Georgie

I laughed loudly at this Arthur D. Hlavaty post, and was only mildly ashamed.

Christopher Rowe, meanwhile, is right in remembering that in Robert Lawson's children's book Rabbit Hill, the lyrics of Little Georgie's song come complete with a melody. I can't read music, alas, so it could be sung to the tune of "Happy Birthday" or "To Anacreon in Heaven," for all I know.

Christopher adds:
I sing little songs too. In fact, a lot of times I make up a little song for whatever story I'm working on; the one for "The Voluntary State" even made it into the text.
Do you mean Tonight we'll remake Tennessee, every night we remake Tennessee? I am delighted to know this. It reminds me of the various creation myths in which the gods sing a world into being.

Kip W., meanwhile, recalls that Lawson was featured years ago in an exhibition of children's book illustrations at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Va. I have visited the Chrysler only once and had not thought about it in years, but it's a fine museum, highly recommended. Kip W. adds:
I remember in 8th grade, snickering because Lawson's drawing of a gangster called "Fish-Eye" looked a lot like one of my teachers.
Now I want to see the illustration! What book was it in?

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