Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More "German" and "French"

Trent Hergenrader writes, in part:
This is almost on-topic, but German Chocolate Cake gets its name from the type of chocolate (German's Sweet Chocolate) used ...
I did not know that. The story is told here at the invaluable Snopes.com.

During the First World War, I wonder, was it renamed "liberty chocolate cake"?

Trent also alerts us to the obscure word "cataglottism," meaning French kissing. He adds:
Had I only known this in high school, so much would be so different today...
My knowing that word in high school would have helped me not at all. I knew many terms for acts I was at no risk of actually enjoying. I would, however, have inserted the word into snarky remarks: "What's the matter? Cataglottism got your tongue?"

1 comment:

Tracy S. Miller said...

Cataglottism? Really?

I'm getting a mental picture of some John Q. Public somewhere finally coming up with that really creative work excuse: "Uh, no Sir, won't be in today, I've got a terrible case of cataglottism. Yes Sir, it started last night and has carried right on into the morning..."

I'm also quite sure you did your fair share of cataglotting (?) in your youth, and if not, I hope you are making up for it now!