Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Death on the air

Veteran Cumberland, Md., disc jockey Chazz Offutt died on the air, during his morning show, the Tuesday after Christmas. A listener told Michael Sawyers of the Cumberland Times-News:
He had just said the time, 20 minutes after 8, and all of a sudden I heard a noise and then there was just nothing. The mike was open, and I heard somebody say "Chazz," then I heard them say "Call 911."
How many times has this happened in live radio, or live television, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Andy: Do you remember the old guy who died while Dick Cavett was interviewing him on TV?

J. Ford

Anonymous said...

Good lord. I didn't hear about that.

Do we ever get any good news in this area (aside from the foundation of FSFS, that is...)?