Friday, January 05, 2007

The woolly bear watch

Dr. Phil Kaldon writes:
We get woolly bears migrating across our driveway here in West Michigan. They tend to look like our cats, some are more orange and some are more black. The greater the number of darker ones you see, the more you know you are about to be screwed by the Gods of Winter.
Phil, did you see mostly dark ones this season, or mostly orange? We've had a mild winter so far, for what it's worth. And I haven't seen woolly bear One, but I haven't gone looking, either ...

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Dr. Phil (Physics) said...

Unfortunately, I only recall two this year: One a darkish stripy orange and one dark-dark brown with deep reddish stripes. Near as I can figure, the weather gods don't know what the hell they want -- or what sort of Hell they want to unleash.

Except for Denver. Somebody's been very bad in Denver and they haven't recanted yet. Not a good time to plan to go to an early March convention of Physicists -- like I have the time/money to go to Denver anyway. (grin)

Happy to have "cleared" this up for you. (snort)

Dr. Phil