Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Hotts check in

Megan Hott of Keyser, W.Va., last seen here wearing a "No one cares about your blog" T-shirt, writes:
this is too weird...
Whether this counts as evidence that she now does care about my blog is open to debate, of course.

Meanwhile, Trent Hergenrader's insistence that "There's no way a long-haired blond in high school has the last name 'Hott'" prompts Megan Hott's sister to write:
There is a Megan Hott because I am her sister :) ... Amanda Hott ... Just wanted to inform everyone that there are girls w/the last name Hott and they do go to high school, although I recently graduated. ;)
(Megan, you're also on my hero Barry Johnson's blog, and you're the subject of this follow-up post on my blog as well.)

1 comment:

Trent Hergenrader said...

Well, I guess that shows me. And no Hott girls ever post to my blog, so you must be doing something right.