Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Japanese "Super-Toy"?

Sydney sent me this link with the subject line "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long."
"Teddy -- I suppose Mummy and Daddy are real, aren't they?"
Teddy said, "You ask such silly questions, David. Nobody knows what 'real' really means."
(Years ago, Brian W. Aldiss cast Sydney and me as Teddy's parents in a performance of his 1969 story "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long" at the International Conference on the Fantastic in Fort Lauderdale. We were, of course, much better than the actors in A.I., the eventual movie made of the story.)

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Eugene said...

That is horrifying--especially its amazing ability to "rock back and forth". I think true SuperToys are still a bit far off, and I'm okay with that.