Friday, October 26, 2007

Building blogs

I just discovered two blogs by friends in Alabama who are chronicling their very different building projects.

Kristin Walters and her husband, Darwin, live in a 1902 Victorian in Eutaw, and her blog is appropriately titled 1902 Victorian, a.k.a. Home Renovation at the Speed of Sludge.

Olivia and Randy Grider, meanwhile, bought land on Lookout Mountain near Mentone and are building themselves a New Old Cabin. The goal, Olivia writes, is "to create a house that looks, inside and out, as if it's about 100 years old."

My hat's off to these folks, but I sure am glad Sydney and I moved into a 1970s brick rancher that didn't need much of anything done to it. Except we did have to replace the backyard fence. And the storm drain. And the upstairs floors. And, downstairs, the carpet and the light fixtures. And the roofers will be here soon, whenever it stops raining ...

Today's movie recommendation: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House.

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