Friday, October 05, 2007

Letters to the editor

Two more of my occasional letters to the editor got published in the Cumberland Times-News recently.

Here's my Sept. 6 letter, a reply to a letter writer who implied that terrorists attack the United States only when Democrats are in the White House.

Here's my Sept. 21 letter, a reply to a letter writer who said the answer to our health-care problems is to deregulate insurance companies and leave them in charge.

I'm not sure I ever posted here a link to my first letter to the editor of 2007, published June 13, so here it is. It's about mountaintop development and the Johnstown Flood.

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Tracy Miller said...

You're my hero with that Sep. 21 letter. I'm constantly amazed at how many politicians go on and on about the threat of terrorism although our lousy health system affects millions more people. I've yet to meet anyone here in eastern TN who is afraid of being killed by terrorists, but constantly hear and read of those who make hard choices about rent vs. medical care, which is shameful and shocking in a society as "wealthy" as ours.

And if I hear another righty droning on about how Canadians cross the border to receive health care I think I will drive in pencil into my neck.