Sunday, March 28, 2010

ICFA-31: A Friday outing

Several of us, conference-crazed, took advantage of the nice weather by fleeing the hotel Friday afternoon for the Nature Conservancy's Disney Wilderness Preserve, just south of nearby Kissimmee.

Below: What are Ellen Klages, Charles Vess and Karen Vess looking at?Below: Oh, it's a family of sandhill cranes.Below: Karen Vess and Ellen Klages on the boardwalk.Below: Two views from the boardwalk.Below: Ellen Klages meets a turtle.Below: The turtle demands a close-up. Moments later, it got tired of us and crawled off the road and safely back into the brush.I wish I had taken some photos of East Lake Fish Camp, a bit of Old Florida where we relaxed and ate exactly the lunch we wanted (catfish and beer, in my case). I did, however, take a photo to prove exactly why straying off the "main roads" in the Orlando area can be so bewildering, at the intersection of Boggy Creek Road and Boggy Creek Road:(Yes, we all immediate thought of the 1972 drive-in classic The Legend of Boggy Creek -- it was that sort of crowd -- but I believe that was set in Arkansas, not Florida.)

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