Sunday, March 28, 2010

ICFA-31: The wrap party

Below: The Dell Award finalists barely could contain themselves. Anthony Powers, Lara Donnelly, Rebecca McNulty, Rachel Sobel, Rachel Halpern (almost visible) and Miah Saunders.Below: Rebecca McNulty, Anthony Powers (almost visible), Rachel Sobel, Rachel Halpern, Lara Donnelly and Miah Saunders.Below: Rebecca McNulty, Rachel Halpern, Miah Saunders and Lara Donnelly.Below: Lara Donnelly and her dad, Richard Donnelly, who's so proud of her he will overlook the hat.Below: Pepe Rojo and Sydney Duncan.Below: Chrissie Mains.Below: Elizabeth Hoiem.Below: P. Andrew Miller.Below: Bill Senior.Below: Elizabeth McManus, winner of this year's Graduate Student Award for her Friday-afternoon paper "Protecting the Island: Interior and Exterior Space in Lost."Below: Jedediah Berry, winner of this year's Crawford Award for best first book of fantasy for his novel The Manual of Detection.Below: Jim Casey, new president of the IAFA, with the unclaimed power cord he cherished for much of the evening. Jim and I were classmates at the University of Alabama, where we had such hopes.Below: Joe Berlant and Mark Wingenfeld, dazed by their release from the book room.Below: Amelia Beamer and Rick Wilber.Below: Ellen Klages, Amelia Beamer and Charles Vess.Below: F. Brett Cox and Francesca Myman.Below: Two views of Liza Trombi and James Patrick Kelly.Below: Veronica Schanoes, Jeana Jorgensen and Marie Brennan.Below: Ellen Klages fails to frighten Russell Letson.Below: Amelia Beamer successfully frightens Peter Straub and Gary K. Wolfe.

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Michael Smith said...

Mr. Duncan, may I use some of these great photographs on the new IAFA website?