Friday, February 02, 2007

And such a bargain

Little did I know, when I bought a Handy Can of WD-40, just how handy it was! Look at the grand claim on the back.Shoot, we ought to send cases of it to the White House, to Capitol Hill, to the Pentagon ...


Trish, Comic Mom said...

Well, Andy, when I showed my WD-40-loving husband your nifty photos, he made the following statement, clearly admitting that its origin is not with him:

"You need only two tools in your toolbox. One is a can of WD-40; the other is a roll of duct tape(or 'duck tape,' as our six-year-old calls it). If it moves and shouldn't, you use the duct tape; if it doesn't move and should, you use the WD-40."

He read this wealth of tool information somewhere on the Internet.

Donovan S. Brain said...

If I had a spray can that solved all my problems, I would never stop spraying.