Sunday, February 18, 2007

A rainbow cloud

Sydney spotted this rainbow cloud over our house at midday on Feb. 11. I was able to capture two shots of it before it vanished. These two photos were taken nine seconds apart, at 11:42 a.m. Eastern.
By 11:44, the rainbow effect had all but disappeared.

Was our rainbow cloud a circumhorizontal arc, sometimes called the rarest sky phenomenon in nature? (See this National Geographic item.) I'm glad we saw it, whatever it was.


Mike Arnzen said...

AWESOME shots, Andy!!! I bet it was hard to peel your eyes away from the sky at the time. I've never seen these, or even heard of them, so I appreciate your post.

Congrats on the job at Marist!

-- Mike Arnzen,

Anonymous said...

I saw a similar effect going home to Barnwell this past weekend, just a couple of miles outside of town. I was so excited I called on the cell to tell my family to look at it.

Momma: Tell Forrest I'm doing the dishes now. I'll look later.

Sister: I looked. Now quit talking about it.

Daddy (asleep)