Monday, November 12, 2007

The Texas Rumble

Here's a lovely story by Baltimore Sun reporter Rob Hiaasen (brother of novelist and muckraker Carl Hiaasen) on the earthquake-like quarry blasts that all the residents of Cockeysville, Md., have taken for granted since the Civil War. Locals call it "the Texas Rumble," after the bygone name of the community. I was reminded of the mining town in one of the beloved farces of my childhood, Support Your Local Gunfighter, which was rocked with similar predictability.

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Oz said...

I worked for Lafarge for nearly a decade. I'll have a pension from them someday when I get old enough. Texas Quarry came to them through an acquisition in 1998. I never got tired of the quarries for rock or the manufacturing of cement. Good article, too.