Saturday, November 24, 2007

Two shout-outs to "Senator Bilbo"

At Crooked Timber, John Holbo hails my story "Senator Bilbo." Thanks to Patrick Nielsen Hayden for pointing this out to me and, more importantly, for publishing the story in the first place (in Starlight 3).

Also, Mike Ashley reports plans to reprint "Senator Bilbo" in his anthology The Mammoth Book of Extreme Fantasy (Robinson, 2008) -- as the first story, no less.

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jholbo said...

Hi Andy, glad to meet you, and glad to be of assistance, promotion-wise. I just thought you should know that my Amazon Associates link generated sales of three (3!!) used copies of "Starlight 3", which is worth (lesse here) 21 cents in commission to me. If we ever meet, I'm totally willing to share those profits equitably. That said, I feel that Patrick is also entitled to a share. So I hereby commit to paying you seven cents if we meet. That seems very aboveboard to me.

What a great story!

- jholbo